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Belt Clip Keyring



From belt clips to carabiners and split rings. There is a huge range of practical keyrings for the explorer in your family. Keyring clips and snap hooks are a great way to secure your keys and useful for anyone from school to the armed forces. Carabiners are great for organising your keys but keyring carabiners should never be used for climbing or safety purposes (the carabiners used for climbing are different and speciality rated).


Split rings are the ring part of any keyring, actually referred to as a keyring in itself in the US. There are a huge range of different split rings, made from different materials and for different purposes.


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Phonecord spiral keyring

Carabiner Keyring

Specialising in promotional keyrings, personalised keyrings, custom keyrings, engraved keyrings as well as novelty keyrings & accessories


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