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Lego Keyring

About Keyring Gifts


Keyring Gifts is a catalogue of keyring gift ideas from The Keyring Store.


The Keyring Store offers an ever-increasing range of over 1000 keyring types including novelty, personalised and custom keyrings.


With an expert design facilitiy we design, develop and make new keyring products for either wholesale or custom-made for your own purposes. Personalised keyrings are available in larger batches for special event or promotional use. Please visit keyringpromotions.com for more information.


If we don't hold the keyrings you require in stock and you're looking for something unique for your event or business, we can usually make it for you. Challenge us!


Call us 020181 336336 to talk about your custom-made keyring ideas.


Teddy Keyring

Photo Keyring

Specialising in promotional keyrings, personalised keyrings, custom keyrings, engraved keyrings as well as novelty keyrings & accessories


This is a catalogue of Keyring Gift ideas.
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Keyring Store